Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Guilty pleasure of the week

I am addicted to "Rock of Love" with Bret Michaels, former lead singer of Poison. I thought it was just me until I asked around & many of my friends admitted they can't turn away from it either. Out of all of the girls our fave is Jess (in the photo above) she seems normal & sweet & is really beautiful. How many people can pull off pink hair! The best part of the show is at elimination. Bret gives the girl a "backstage pass" instead of a rose. (Although it would have been better if he gave them a Rose & said "Every rose has it's thorn, will you be mine?") But, & remember the name of the show is Rock of Love, he says, "Will you continue to stay here & Rock my World..." I die a little inside every time he says it.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Mini Me

I was just noticing how Zac Ephron (on the left) looks like a mini me version of Ian Somerhalder from LOST (on the right).

Sunday, August 26, 2007

OMG of the month

This so unbelievable. I guess it proves that looks will only get you so far in life. The sad thing is, Mario Lopez, is even looking at her like she is an idiot. Click below to see how Miss South Carolina answers a question in a "beauty" contest.....

Stephen King scares Alice Springs

The author Stephen King was in an Alice Springs bookstore last week & began signing several of his books that were on the shelf, however the people who were working in the store had no idea who he was. Some of the customers noticed & told the manager. They didn't recognize him & thought he was vandalizing the books. Apparently he was scaring people in real life in addition to his writings!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Advice to women

In the past week, FOUR of my friends who are quite skinny, were asked by STRANGERS if they were pregnant. They all happened to be wearing the flowy summer dresses that are in style now, but still. I notice that men never ask this question, especially to someone they don't know. SO my advice is, unless you see the head coming out, or you trip over the umbilical cord, do not assume & please DO NOT ask a woman if she is preggars. Ugh.

Happy Birthday Rick Springfield!

I can't believe Rick is 58! He was my first celebrity crush, I saw his movie, Hard to Hold, in the theaters. I was a superfan. Remember, in the 80's we didn't have the internet. I had every Teen Beat, Tiger Beat, etc with him in it. I am not sure if Aussie's realize how big he was here bc he wasn't that popular in AUS. Check out this clip below, OMG, I am blown away by the fashion in the 80's, the bright suits, the skinny ties, what were we thinking!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Our Keith

Here are some pics that I took of Our Keith Urban in concert. He was amazing, but I did have several problems:
1-He is married to Nicole and not to me.
2-There were so many girls at the show dressed like trash, with miniskirts and cowboy hats that I felt like Britney Spears exploded all over the place.
3-Keith did not pull me on stage to serenade me.
4-He didn't wear any aussie gear. I really wanted him to rock up in an Akubra or Drizzybone!
5-He didn't sing any aussie songs, I was hoping for Waltzing Matilda, but it didn't happen.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Advice for Amy "Wine"house

It is ironic that the word "wine" is actually in her last name. But anyway, the next time "they try to make you go to rehab", you should say Yes, yes, yes instead of No, No, No! You are talented, go get help, what is the problem?

Monday, August 20, 2007

Silly Lily

I guess in order to avoid the paparazzi, Lily Allen had her friends carry her out of a nightclub, in a BAG. Seriously, like this isn't at all obvious??I am sure the photographers wouldn't notice a bag that is moving & has arms & legs sticking out of it!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hot pants Hilary

Wow, Hilary Duff is sexing it up a bit. I am not sure if she even has pants on! When I first looked at this pic I actually thought it was J. Lo.

Breaking news?

Today I received a breaking news email from, a news website I am quite found of. So naturally I thought the worst bc usually those emails tell you important things like if there was an earthquake or if a world leader dies or things along those lines. Well today's breaking news email was this:
Jenna Bush is engaged.

Really??? This is important news? Oy Vay, don't bother me with that nonsense, let me know when the serious stuff like when K-Fed is going to get custody of those kids!

A House is not a home

Today Jesse Spencer, who stars in House, called off his engagement with his fiance. That is probably devastating for them. However, I just want to point out that now not only is he free to marry me, but with the baby bonus I would get $4,000! Woo Hoo! (And he maybe known for House now, but we all know him as Billy Kennedy from Neighbours. I think we should get married and move to Ramsey Street!)

Bend it's about damn time!

Well last night David Beckham scored his first MLS goal in the U.S.! It's about time he started earning that $250 million they are paying him...

Monday, August 13, 2007

Delta's back

Delta Goodrem's new single, In this Life, will be released on September 15th. It seems like she is going for a blonde bombshell look as you can tell by the recent pic on the left above. The photo on the right is one that I took of her when I met her at a signing in the states. She came over a couple of years ago to try to launch her cd here but it didn't really catch on. I was able to speak to her for quite awhile bc I was one of the only people in the shop who knew who she was. I have to say she was absolutely lovely & stunningly beautiful in person. I have met a few celebrities before & as far as Delta goes she was completely down to earth & so grateful that I showed up having known who she was & I even had her cd that I had bought in AUS with me. I hope her new cd does well!

Back to School

It is back to school time here in the U.S. Seeing all of the school items depresses me, it makes me feel old. I can't remember the last time I bought school supplies. I have to say I have never in my life used a compass or protractor in my adult life, but seeing all of the products on sale suddenly makes me yearn for a My Little Pony Trapper Keeper....

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Phrases that I never want to hear on reality shows

I am sad to admit that I have watched way to many "reality" tv shows. Including Age of Love, with Mark Philippoussis, which ended last week. I won't give away the ending, but I was trying not to gag when one of the American women was going crazy over seeing Kangaroos (He brings some of the finalists back to Melbourne to meet his family). However then I thought back to my first time seeing a wild kangaroo & I guess I did go a little crazy myself.
Anyway here is a list of phrases/words that I never want to hear in a reality show again:

*We have a "connection."

*Tonight is "elimination" & I still don't know who I am going to give the _____ to. (Fill in the blank with Rose, Backstage pass, Boomerang, Key, Gold clock as in Flava of Love, etc)

*I need some more "one on one" time.

*This time, I have to "follow my heart."

* "This isn't a game anymore. My feelings are involved now." (Umm, yes it is a game, that is the whole reason you are on the show)

* "I have fallen in love with him/her." (Ok you met the person 2 days ago & spend about 15 minutes with him/her. I assure you, you are not in love, & if you think you are, you should be on another show, called "Wake The F*** Up" show.)

*I can't believe he/she is dating another guy/girl. (Really? You went on a dating show with 30 other single people?What did you think was going to happen?? Hello??)

* Alliance. This word should just be banned. I never want to hear "We have an alliance, she broke our alliance, they are in an alliance." Seriously, lose that word!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

TimberCent or FittyLake?

I am trying to come up with a celebrity name for Justin Timberlake, & Fifty Cent. I am going to go with TimberCent or FittyLake. Anyway, here is their new music video in case you missed it. (May not want to watch it in work though)

Environmental tips

  • When you go to a fast food place to eat, don't grab 10,000 napkins. People always seem to grab handfuls, then only use 1 or 2 & throw the rest out. Just take a couple next time.
  • If you have old towels or sheets, don't throw them out. You can usually drop them off at your local homeless shelter, or animal shelter. They are very grateful for the donations.

Why our Cate will be wearing a lot of hats!

I read today that Cate Blanchett has stopped washing her hair to try to help the environment. I think it is great that everyone do their part for the environment, & I even put tips on this blog to try to motivate people to go green. But not washing your hair seems a bit extreme to me...

Brandgelina is worth.....50 cents!

For some strange reason, Australia will be releasing a stamp that will feature Brad Pitt, Angelina & their baby, Shiloh. Other people on Aussie stamps include the Queen, & the Pope. That might be the first time anyone used Brad Pitt & the Pope's name in one paragraph! I just don't get the stamp thing. I mean I know a lot of people want to lick Brad, but it is just weird to me.

Stop Wining......Your sales are over $3 billion!

Exports of Australian wine have climbed over the $3 Billion mark this year. Partly due to an increase in demand from the US and China.
That is amazing. I actually only buy Aussie wines in the US now. I like the way it tastes & I am doing my part to help the Aussie economy. ;)

Monday, August 06, 2007

The new Brisbane Beckham!

Click the link below to see a video of the 9 year old, that's right, I said 9, that was recruited from Brisbane to play football for Manchester United! This kid plays better football at 9 then most people do at age 29!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Book of the week

I was getting so tired of predictable chick lit, so I picked up this book & it is hilarious. It is much edgier & has more of a NYC downtown hip vibe then any other book that I have read. The author also has pretty cool website:

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Name that tune

Hey Aussies, does anyone know the name of the song that is out now, it is a dance song, the lyrics are something like: You want a little of this, You want a little of this, I can feel the baseline jumping. I heard it on SAFM and I can't find the name or who sings it. Does anyone know? If so can you click on the comment button and let me know? THANKS!!