Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy Monday!

The creator of Veronica Mars is writing a screenplay! "The one thing that I will say is where it will pick up. I think it would open just days before the Hearst College Graduation. So Veronica would be sort of at the end of her college career."

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Living in a Barbie world

Ok seriously, this girl can never complain about the paparazzi or lack of privacy again, when she is driving around in a PINK Bentley. Seriously. 

Loving Leo

Leonardo Dicaprio will be the spokesperson for Tag Heuer watches. I am sure he is making a fortune for that job. The good news is he is donating that money to charity for environmental causes. That is one reason to love him. I think I still love him from this clip below:

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

it's a happy cry

Australia I love you...

BUT you really need to do something about these sharks! This photo was taken from a beach in NSW. That is way to close for comfort!

Move over Miley

I admit I have a Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana song on my ipod & I am not sure why people went crazy over her Vanity Fair photos last year (I didn't think they were that bad) or why people hate her. However when she was asked in an interview the other day about the car she just got for her 16th birthday, and she made a face and rolled her eyes bc the PORSCHE that she got was used (it was her mom's) that is when I lost it. Seriously there are kids are losing their homes bc their parents are out of work & this twit complains bc her Porsche was used? No. I am done with Miley now.

WTF of the Year - Australia edition

When asked about the movie AUSTRALIA, Nicole Kidman said in an interview this week: "I can't look at this movie and be proud of what I've done." And then she left the country because: "We ran because I didn't want to read anything. I didn't want to know. I saw my sister and my family and we saw Keith's family and then we were straight on a plane."
WOW. I am amazed that you are not proud of that movie that had so much riding on it for your country. I was really shocked by that. I know not everyone loved it but to say you are not proud of being in such an "aussie" movie is horrible. In my opinion. So Baz, call me for the sequel!

The Chaser are coming, the Chasers are coming!

The Chaser's War on Everything is coming to the US. Starting on Australia Day (January 26th) it will begin airing on the cable channel G4. This is one of my favorite Australian tv shows. It is hilarious. Suddenly dark dreary January has brightened up! See a quick sample below:

Sunday, January 04, 2009


It is not often Australia hurts me, but it broke my heart when I heard that a promoter there paid Paris Hilton, or as I call her the one that should not be named, $100,000 to appear at a party in Sydney. Why, why, why would you do this??? It just about killed me. They should have paid me! :)

A few days late....

but look how beautiful Sydney was on New Years! Sigh

Oh Poo

Mark Philippoussis will appear in a tournament at next month's Australian Open, and said that he is planning a return to the tennis circuit in 2009. Hmm, I guess that is what happens when your Age of Love reality dating show doesn't get picked up for another season....