Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Video of Sam, I can't take it!

when they were reunited:

Sam the Koala

I still can't get over this little girl. Here is a pic of the firefighter & Sam the Koala being reunited. (see post below for original story). You can help other animals affected by the fires by donating to the RSPCA:

Why the dow was down!

Maybe the Dow was down today bc the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange! I am thinking the brokers were looking at them instead of the trading screens! ha

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Help the victims of the bushfires

This firefighter giving this Koala water when he found her after the fire made me instantly teary eyed. The good news is she is at the vet & will be ok. If you are in Melbourne & want to help the animal victims of this tragedy, I read about two places where you can donate. 1. 4 Paws & More Pet Supplies in Keilor Park (60 Keilor Park Drive,) wish to advise that from Monday 8 February, they will accept  pet goods/pet food, that will be distributed to those who most need them. 2. The University of Melbourne has a collection point to help the animals (both domestic/native) in the Victorian bushfires. So if you have blankets,towels, sheets, animal food (cat, dog, bird etc), bowls or containers for water/food, you can drop them off at 215 Grattan Street by Friday. (Also, don't forget to help people, you can donate at

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Fire down under

My heart goes out to all of the people that lost their lives or their homes in Australia. They are experiencing the worst fires in their history, entire towns were completely wiped out. It is so sad. You can donate money at


Congrats to The Veronica's who have entered the US top 100 Billboard charts this week! It is so weird for me to hear them on the radio in the states, but well done girls!

Celebrity stamps!

Celebrity fit club, celebrity circus, celebrity stamps! Australia has introduced a line of stamps with famous celebs on them. This should have been a reality show to compete for who would be on the stamp! Also, they left of some of my fave's, where is Bert Newton, Daniel Macpherson, anyone who died on Mcleod's Daughters....

No longer my "friend"

Sorry, I am so over Jennifer Aniston & whoever she is or isn't dating. I really could not care less. Then she was on a talk show the other day & said she started crying when she found a grey hair, and that just did it for me. Really? With all the things there could be to cry about, you are getting that upset over a grey hair? It is not like she is a real blonde anyway, get over yourself!

Poor pets!

It has been so hot in Australia, think 115 degrees for a week straight, even the koala's are suffering. Look at this little guy who wandered into a backyard to drink out of a dog's dish! Also, here is a great website if you want to adopt a koala: