Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Australian music in the US

Fyi, our Kylie is touring in US this year (I have my tickets) YAAAAAAAAYYY. Keith Urban who is also on tour (I have those tickets too) will be appearing on the American Idol finale tomorrow. Guy Sebastian (I saw him last week!) has a song that is all over NBC called Like it Like That & it is very catchy!


This week I am so in love with the Shazam iphone app that I want to marry it. You just hold the iphone up to the radio & it tells you the name of the song that is on as well as the artist!

The financial gains alone should make you support this!!

Congrats South Australia

Majestic Roof Garden Hotel in Adelaide was rated the best hotel in Australia. Well done Adelaide! This makes up for being the "murder capital of the world"! 
I kid, you know I love you!

Oh Hugh Jackman

Our Hugh has finally passed his driving test in the states! Apparently he celebrated by going into a deli after the test, & buying a sandwich & a bunch of Lottery tickets. REALLY? I love you Hugh but look at your life, I think you already won the lottery! :)

Smart women = smart sex?

A new study has shown that women who are intelligent & can express their feeling have better sex lives. The women who are most in touch with their feelings have twice as many orgasms.
Hmmmm, finally I am glad that I am so smart!

Like Donna Summer said...

Enough is enough. We get it, you need attention, but this outfit is just not necessary!